Hendricks Minnesota Postcards

Our town has been the setting of postcards for over 125 years. Here are just a couple. Of course you can find many more vintage postcards from Hendricks and Lincoln County at our Lincoln County Museum.

  First Settlers with their Sod House   First settlers with their sod house
This postcard was created in 1923, marking the 50th anniversary of the Lake Hendricks Norwegian community. Pictured is one of the first settlers to the area with their house made of sod.
  Circus comes to Hendricks Minnesota in the early 1900s   Circus comes to town
This postcard shows a circus tent in the to the west of Main Street. The photo was taken from the water tower and likely to be around the year 1908.
  Singsaas Lutheran Church - 1914   Singsaas Lutheran Church - 1914
This 1914 postcard is shows the original Singsaas Church, before its 1922 dismantling to make room for the larger church which still stands today. Horses and buggies are lined up outside. See the back of the postcard, written by Carl Trooien.
  Hendricks Minnesota Public School Building   Second school building - 1918
This brick school house was finished in 1918, but burned to the ground before its second birthday. A similar schoolhouse was built in 1921 and still stands today.
  South View of Hendricks Main Street - 1925   South view of Hendricks Main Street - 1925
A typical sunny day of our Main Street back in the 1920's. The building on the left has a "Dodge Brothers Approved Service Station" sign on it, as well as a Red Crown sign. View this close up of a boy with his bicycle.
  Hendricks Main Street - west side view   Hendricks Main Street - west side view 1
Note the boardwalk, the vintage cars, the wooden street sign, and the freshly painted businesses.
  Hendricks Main Street - west side view   Hendricks Main Street - west side view 2
The old bank building, implement, and Cech's Rec.
  E.C. Johnson's Rock Garden   E.C. Johnson's rock garden
E.C. Johnson built this stone house, and adorned his yard with an incredible rock garden. For years and years, area children have come to see the rock garden and the fishpond. The home and garden still stand today in their original glory.